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T-Shirt Designs

All of these designs were made at the Santa Clara University Maker Lab using Silhouette Cameo cutters and a T-shirt press.

The black dog design on the left was made by taking a photograph of my dog (then a puppy), bitmapping the photo in Inkscape, then cleaning up the image in Krita. Both black and white cutouts were made and after cutting the sections were color-reversed for the eyes, ear, mouth, and collar.

“The Sky Is No Limit” is a collection of my own vector drawings made in Inkscape. Look carefully; the pegasus design shows up in other places on this website as well.

The howling wolf design is an adaptation on an original black-and-white drawing titled “Tribal Howling Wolf” ┬ęDanielle Alaya Noelle Bruce. I attempted to link the original source image from the site Deviant Art, however the post and account has since been deleted.

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