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Hope Comics at 3 Months

We made it a quarter year in the middle of a pandemic! So far we’ve looked into the environment, voting access, COVID-19 safety, the Census, peaceful protest, and more.
I learned not too far in that creating daily comics while taking a full-time college engineering courseload, attempting to survive a pandemic, and with a very contentious election going on was simply too challenging. Unfortunately, I had to scale down the comic publishing speed to ensure I had enough sleep and time to study. Comics will be weekly from now on.
When I started working on comics, I was somewhat afraid that I lacked the necessary drawing skills and publishing comics is only for people who work on art full-time. Instead, I discovered that art is only a small piece, and good ideas matter more. With the internet, worldwide publishing is available to everyone.
Finally, I have made well over a hundred “practice” comics not intended for publication over the years before launching Hope Comics. Some were terrible, others had interesting ideas with a few glitches. I learned something about cartooning from each. So if you’re looking to start your own creative project but are afraid you will be terrible at it, I encourage you to try. Expect to throw away a few before you uncover a few gems. You can do it.

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