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Hope Comics – The End, For Now

When I started Hope Comics more than 3 years ago now, I sought to provide useful information distilled down to visually appealing comics that are ideal for social media. It has been empowering and deeply gratifying to illustrate topics such as sustainability, healthcare, racial equality, poverty, and the pandemic; bringing knowledge to life, one panel at a time.

The nature of current events and scientific knowledge is that it changes over time. Unfortunately, many of the comics are now out of date. I have had far less time than I anticipated to create new comics to keep the content in line with current information. I am concerned that people may find some out of date Hope Comics and be confused or misled, or old comics could even be used to spread misinformation. As such, I have decided that the most responsible thing to do is to remove Hope Comics from the internet. The website will no longer be accessible.

Note: I am considering giving away or not renewing the Hope Comics website domain name. I will make an announcement if I bring back the comic in the future. Otherwise, if the Hope Comics website goes back online, assume it is owned by someone else.

In the future, I hope to bring back a selected archive of Hope Comics containing those which are still relevant and factually correct. Cube Root Garden will continue with occasional new comics.

For now, here’s a few comics to enjoy:

Magic Search – June 28, 2021

Here's PROOF that chocolate can cure cancer!

Incredible Media – March 22, 2021

Yikes! Scrolling too much through social media can make your head explode! ... oh wait nevermind.

Don’t Complain – October 25, 2020

Don't waste your power. Vote!

Post-Election News Cycle – November 6, 2020

Me, right after the 2020 election.

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