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Senior Design Conference Presentation Award – Santa Clara University

See the formal announcement at the School of Engineering Senior Awards & Honors Celebration˺ (skip to time 19:04).

I am honored that my team has earned a Senior Design Conference Presentation Award, given to teams that demonstrate the best design, prototyping, research, and presentation skills.

Our project was to design & prototype an active-cooled compartment to carry temperature sensitive vaccines and medications on a bicycle in developing regions, powered by bike pedaling. 100% of our work was remote because of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet we persevered and completed a fully functional prototype at the end of the year. Our project thesis is published on Santa Clara University Scholar Commons here˺.

I am thankful to have worked with an amazingly dedicated, thoughtful, honest, and talented team, where everyone contributed significantly. Thank you to David Gilbert, Zach Gotvald, Kerri-Ann Kamei, Lindsay McConville, & Brooke Watson for being awesome collaborators and leaders on this shared journey.

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