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Printable & Digital Engineering Graph Paper

As any good engineering student would know, engineering paper is always in short supply, especially when it’s past midnight, the assignment is due at 8am, the store is closed and Amazon Prime isn’t fast enough. But wait – we have a printer! I could not find a good high-quality engineering paper template in the expected size that was free to use on the internet, so I created my own using Inkscape, matching the dimensions exactly to spec. To save others the trouble, I am releasing this as a pdf under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License so it is free to use (but not to make money off of).

Make sure to print without scaling to fit the page in order to have the exact 1/5″ square boxes. The green color has been tested to work on a variety of laser and inkjet printers in both color and black & white ink. I included a license and website statement to prevent misuse, and it is positioned where it will appear on the digital file but is cut off by the printer.

This pdf can also be put into laptop or tablet drawing software such as Xournal++ to do assignments and homework on digital graph paper.

Page Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Box Size: 1/5″ x 1/5″
Margins: Top & Bottom = 0.5″, Sides = 0.75″
Number of boxes per row: 35
Number of boxes per column: 50
Color: Green

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