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Journal Paper on Energy-Saving HVAC Control Published in Energy & Buildings!

I’m excited to announce our research article “Comparing Economic Benefits of HVAC Control Strategies in Grid-Interactive Residential Buildings” has been published in the journal Energy and Buildings. Our work demonstrates ways to save energy by improving thermostat control algorithms and a platform to test building control systems through simulations. Huge thank you to co-authors Kaleb Pattawi, Hannah Covington, PJ McCurdy, Chenli Wang, Thomas Roth, Cuong Nguyen, Yuhong Liu, and Hohyun Lee. You can read the paper at


B. Woo-Shem, K. Pattawi, H. Covington, P. McCurdy, C. Wang, T. Roth, C. Nguyen, Y. Liu, and H. Lee, “Comparing economic benefits of HVAC control strategies in grid-interactive residential buildings.” Energy and Buildings, 286, 112937, 2023. DOI: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2023.112937.

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